The Yacht

When you learn to sail with the Penny Whiting Sailing School your lessons will take place on the magnificent yacht “Endless Summer”. This 47 foot Whiting design is the ideal outdoor classroom as its size makes it easy for students of all levels to gain the necessary skills, experience and confidence out on the water.

“Endless Summer” is a relatively large keeler, fitting a group of students plus your instructor Penny. Being on a bigger yacht gives you the opportunity to see things happening aboard while they are being explained to you. It’s advantageous to learn to sail on a big boat because it’s not as flighty as the smaller ones and learning on a larger yacht like this will give you the confidence to sail a variety of other types of boats.

What type of Yacht will we learn on?

“Endless Summer” is 47 foot long single mast and single hull keeler. If you learn on a big yacht like this you’ll have no trouble crewing on other boats, bigger or smaller.

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