How many hours are in the classroom vs out on the water?

The yacht is the classroom and 12 of the 15 hours of learning are out on the water. The 3 hour practical chart work class (usually the fourth lesson) is held at Penny’s home. During the course you’ll learn and make use of the pitchfork approach to sailing with its all-important 3 prongs – understanding the terminology, sailing and rigging the yacht, and knowing where you are and how to get back.

From our more than 40 years of experience teaching people to sail, we know that hands-on practical learning is ideal over classroom or textbook learning. In our first 3-hour lesson, we’ll be aboard the yacht from the outset and you will be rigging Endless Summer and sailing her within 40 minutes. There’s not a lot of sitting around time – you can start rigging as soon as you hit the deck or learn your knots. You’ll be given notes to read and review after every lesson and we’ll be discussing these and answering questions as we sail. So if you’re not a multi-tasker now, you certainly will be by the time you complete the course!