Cruising Club America Maine cruise

Jul 16, 2012

Cruising Club America Maine cruise

The Maine lobsters are still very plentiful.   I was fortunate to go Cruising with the Cruising Club America Maine  cruise aboard a S&S wooden 48 foot yacht called Puffin with my friend Cabot Lyman.  What a treat to sail the 40 year old master piece of a yacht in almost original condition and in perfect order, with new sails.

Leaving Cushing Maine and sailing in perfect conditions wind aft and full spinnaker up we sailed to Vinalhaven  Island 15 NM off the mainland.    Here we found a cruising ground to equal Whangaroa or Port Fitzroy Great Barrier.

Thank goodness for the Navionics app on my iPad to weave into some of these really tight anchorages and coves.   People are encouraged to go ashore and walk trails and enjoy the amazing sights of huge old Granite quarries all over these islands.

The tide is similar to NZ 9 to 10 feet and seeing seals lying on a rock that is just under the water with the seal prone on top is quite a sight.  I hope to have a picture soon.   The seals all swim around at high tide and mid to low tide just sun bathe on rocks all over the place.

I am now back in Maine and off to Newport this week by car for a couple of days. 


Marcel Fachler - Jul 17, 2012

Love the blogs, keep them coming.

Doc - Jul 17, 2012

You just keep enjoying the Lobsters and the balmy sailing weather.

Down here in little old nz, it's raining and raining, the fire is on and we are eating Beef Stew. Every one has Cabin Fever and we are not even at sea!!!!!!!

SNZQ - Jul 17, 2012

Bring some of these lobster to the west coast.....rob

Lana Simpson - Jul 18, 2012

I remember those lobsters from when I was in South Carolina. Someone flew them in for a party for me. Love to have them again - maybe next year?

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