Winter Paint

Winter Antifouling and polish

Sep 24, 2016

Winter Paint

A great couple of weeks on the hard at Orams Marine, getting some new Anti fouling on the bottom of Endless Summer, prop speed on the shaft and prop to stop weed and growth.  However to must almost the most important job is wax and polish of the topsides the hull.  This annual event has really saving Endless Summer over the years with great protection on the fibreglass hull.

I can not say enough about getting some wax on the boat it sure does protect under the harsh NZ sun. 

The black Antifouling is wearing well with very little slime growing during the season.

Sailing School bookings are rolling in for the summer season starting 29th October for weekends and 7th November for the Afternoon learn to sail sessions.   All courses are 5 three hour practical classes aboard Endless Summer on the WAITEMATA HARBOUR.  $850 includes the Navigation class and you get a 15 hours complete course of learn to sail with Penny.   I issue a certificate of Competency for your 15 hours aboard. 


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