New Sailors impressions

Aug 6, 2014

New Sailors impressions

The new sailors first sail.

I received this note from a couple that booked into sailing school to learn to sail together with me aboard Endless Summer. They agreed to share it with you as many of my pupils would feel the same and I just want you to know that your not alone with your thoughts and concerns.

It went like this.

We remember fumbling through the pages of Sailing with Penny Whiting a few weeks before our course was to start in Auckland.

Frantically trying to absorb everything at once and memorizing all the foreign terms, like Leech, Luff,  Beam Reach and On the Wind.

We decided if we sounded like I knew what we were talking about the others would not see right through us. It was our first time setting foot on a real live yacht. Oh it was scary when we realized how big Endless Summer Penny’s 47 foot yacht was.

Excitement raced through us like hot blood; yes we were excited to be learning how to sail at last.

Once aboard and meeting Penny and the others taking our class for the week, we began to relax and go with the flow. Yes it was all-practical, but being able to see every thing happen while sailing made the silly words make a lot more sense.

We were told that it does not matter how confused you get on this first three hour practical lesson, as it is better to do it and see it all happen and then the terminology and sails will make it all come together on the 2nd lesson. And it did, we felt so much more comfortable and just got on with the stages of learning to sail with others that made mistakes just like we did and then we would have a go on the winches and sail trimming and they would watch us and learn by our mistakes.

You need to watch others doing things correctly, so that you understand Penny said “the easy way is the correct way and if something is hard to do your doing it the wrong way.”

We love sailing and the experience of learning has opened our eyes to what we want to get out of enjoying life on the sea sailing with safety and confidence. Group learning was so much fun and the variety in the wind gave us all plenty to talk about over the week.  Learning to sail was our best decision yet.

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