Apr 11, 2014


After a wonderful sailing season Endless Summer and I have called it quits for the rest of the season.   However the complete time table of weekend  and afternoon classes for the summer of 2014 2015 are now posted on my book now page of the web site.

Summer is the best time to learn to sail as it is windy and a great time to learn to sail with confidence and safety out on the harbour.

Many international people come for the week classes that run from Monday to Friday and they add a interesting dimension to the classes, as language often comes into it and it proves that practical sailing, hands on will teach you easily how to sail a yacht.

The weekend classes are very popular with the working people and just to commit to two weekend we are able to get the 15 hours practical in to the complete course.

I have found the benefit of couples learning together, if you are going boating together you may as well be on board with me, and you will gain understanding of the harder jobs aboard and be able to work your roles together out better aboard.

Should you choose to book now i will send you the book or DVD to look at over the winter months, and then when you do the course the words will just jump out and it will make sense.  


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