Feb 19, 2014


 What a great season I have had with Sailing School, with plenty of wind in most of my 5 lesson courses.   It has been rare to finish a course that has not had 25knots of wind.   Endless summer just loves the rough stuff and she sails so well in all conditions.

The rain has kept pretty much at bay and the sailing has been great.

It still gives me great pleasure to teach so many keen people about the sea and sailing.   It is important that people eliminate takings risks, but understanding so much more about the sailing, weather and sea.

The winter months are not suitable for sailing school as there is either no wind or to much rain and of course it gets cold out on the water.

I have a timetable for course starting again in November 2014. 


Charlie Watson-Jones - Mar 24, 2014

Hi Penny,

Was great to have sailed with you on endless summer last year, has definitely started an obsession for me. Currently in Wellington for University where there is the only University Sailing Club in the country. Finding some great sailing opportunities down here and I always remember what you taught me on the course.

Thanks again!
Charlie Watson-Jones

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