Cruising Croatia

Oct 3, 2013

Cruising Croatia July 2013



Arriving in Croatia for the 2nd time was a nice experience. 4 years ago I Cruised from Dubrovnik to Split and really enjoyed the cruising and islands and towns on the way. However this time I went for 2 weeks cruising from Split up to Zadar and then across to Venice.

If I ever had the choice again I would recommend that the cruise from Split or Trogir north would be my chosen option. The best thing would be to take a train or side trip to Dubrovnik and see the place and then take a charter yacht and go boating, north rather than south.

The cruising is great with a lot of options for the night, or places to go for lunch. Many of the towns have stern to access for a small fee. Lots and lots of bays are available to anchor in, and great for swimming and cooling off.

The landscape is baron in a lot of cases and talking a walk ashore is often a very hot affair. I loved the fresh markets for fish and vegetable and many wonderful Mediterranean delights.

My cruise with friends made stopping for the odd night out to dinner lots of fun and a great variety. I did all my navigating with the Navionics app, that really makes chartering a yacht so much easier. The charts on board are of course also necessary to understand and go by, but having the whole area on the ipad sure helps.

I loved the history and the ancient buildings that people still live in and get on with their every day life. The tourists in this part of the Med are there but not quite in the numbers that travel to Greece or Turkey.

Should you be interested in goggling the main places I went and stayed at I have the list below.



Opat-Kornati National Park

Pantera, Dugi

Maliu Losinj





This is quite a big cruise and not what you would do in a 1 week charter, but I still feel that you will gain a real appreciation of the country and get in some good sailing. The weather was perfect for my time there a total of three weeks. A week sailing and a week looking and staying in other main towns is a good idea.

I am planning a trip in July 2015, I will do two weeks back to back from Trogir or Split, and the charters are Saturday until Saturday. Should you be interested in costs I will have these available in October this year.

I Captain the yacht and do the provisions and most of the cooking. You pay per person and get me the yacht, the end clean and most of the provisions in the fee, we usually have to top up a bit of food and fuel at the end of the 1 week charter. The yacht usually takes 3 couples and me.

The yachts are really well set with sheets and towels and most of the things that you need aboard to have a great sailing holiday in Croatia.

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