Life Aboard in Tahiti

Sep 14, 2012

Life Aboard in Tahiti

Tahiti Cruise.

The great thing about cruising these fabulous islands is that we live aboard the yacht, and go ashore for the odd cocktail and perhaps a couple of dinners ashore.

French Polynesia Tahiti is expensive for food and dining out, even buying the food in the Supermarkets and fresh markets is expensive. However the huge savings we make by bringing NZ vacuum packed meats makes a 10-day holiday aboard a charter yacht really worthwhile. As we move to a new spot every day, often two or three places for a swim. The snorkelling and mucking about in the tender is always fun.

I find the yachts really well appointed, sail well enough and have great living accommodation aboard, with three toilets and several showers aboard, living in the heat is a pleasure especially the fresh water shower on the stern of the yacht after a swim.

Water is limited but enough for a quick wash off after swimming. We even wash our hair in salt water while swimming and rinse of with the fresh water.

Having a barbecue aboard keeps cooking below to a minimum and it’s a good fun time for all. Happy hour and the sunsets are always amazing, but its dark early and light early so we make the best of the daylight hours.

The real appeal to me is being able to go to a new place every day and a complete change of scenery. With a sailing yacht we can drift along or start the engine and keep the batteries charged. The trade winds usually come in by late morning and the sailing is great.


Barb Callahan - Sep 15, 2012

Missouri is a long way from sailing waters; so reading your blog helps to keep me excited and focused on our sail next April. Yabba-dabba-doo~!!

francis alexander pinion - Sep 15, 2012

Sounds awesome Penny-you are a legend. I think it's a fantastic idea-with you aboard they don't really have to worry about sailing/ navigating/ shelter and can simply kick back and enjoy there holiday. Some of our trailer sailors did something similar in the whitsunday's-however due to lack of experience they put the big cat on a reef when tide went out, and dragged the anchor all night in a bay. I am looking for my first keeler-tough decision!

Rob - Oct 22, 2012

Inspiring Penny. Can I come next time!? ;)

Ed - Nov 1, 2012

Dear Penny,

As Hurricane Sandy was making it's way north, it left behind perfect sailing weather across much of Florida. And so it happened that I had scheduled for my ASA 101 basic sailing this very weekend at a very convenient inland lake around the Orlando area. I Aced the test. Your video was a lot of help for me. Thank you Penny! Happy trails.

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