Tahiti French Polynesia

Sep 14, 2012

Tahiti French Polynesia

Tahiti sailing Holidays.

The final leg of my 5 months away is leading 4 yachts on a cruise for 10 days around my three favorite islands.

Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora are my favorite islands to cruise and show people the variety these islands hold.   Sail Connections in Auckland sort out the charter and the boats and we all get together in Papeete for a night before flying to the island of Raiatea to Dream Yachts charter base.

This time I have a 52 foot yacht and 6 guests aboard my boat.   The other three boats are bare boat charters and they will follow and enjoy the cruise with us.    The water colours change so much with the depth of water and sailing inside the reef of the islands most days gives us great sailing in sheltered waters.    The ocean sail to Bora Bora is 22 NM and is very very deep like 2000 m, it should be good for fishing but I have never really had good luck hooking a nice big Tuna.

Oh well time will tell and once again I get to sail these fantastic waters.   Fortunatly I am due back in Tahiti April for another charter cruise, this time a a big 50 foot catamaran, will be interesting. 


Maureen Miller - Jan 24, 2013

I sailed. with Penny and it was just fabulous. Enjoyed every moment and great that Penny takes charge of the galley and does all the cooking. Thanks for the Muddy Bilge Penny and definately a trip to Europe 2014

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