San Diego Weather

Sep 14, 2012

San Diego Weather

San Diego and great weather.

After 4 months on the East coast of America and sailing to Nova Scotia in Canada its time to head home Vias San Diego and San Francisco.

I am always amazed at the great weather in San Diego, the homes do not even have a gutter or spouting, as rain is a very rare thing.   I stay with a friend in Ocean Beach ( OB) California and always get a thrill riding the beach cruiser up the board walk to the coffee shop.  It takes about half an hour and there are walkers, skaters, bikers, joggers and all sharing the wide sandy board walk along the whole shore of Mission Beach.

It is hard to keep your yes off all the surfers out most of the day and every day, just enjoying a good wave up the coast.

San Francisco Bay was a windy affair the days I was there and to see the huge Cats sailing around the windy bay was areal treat.   I am not sure of how easy or hard it is going to be to see the Americas Cup racing starting with the LV cup through August and September and perhaps into October.

San Fran is a huge city, lots of traffic, lots of tourists and its huge, parking is very hard and the city really is fun to visit.

Oh well back to San Diego to pack and get way to Tahiti for 2 weeks sailing. 


francis alexander pinion - Sep 15, 2012

Sounds like an interesting part of the world. I had to look it up on google earth. Lot of islands and inlets and didn't realise how so close to New York. My brother comes from sailing back ground mainly around the solent and I remember him saying he has a long time best friend in canada who sails reguarly in the lakes. They have huge lakes over their. Nova scotia near maine where message in a bottle was shot with kevin costener-my favourite movie!

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