Newport Bucket Regatta

Aug 31, 2012

Newport Bucket Regatta

Newport Bucket Regatta.

Last weekend was the Newport Rhode Island Bucket, this racing attracts big yachts and it is a gentleman’s regatta and fun and friendly. The crews of 30 or more dress up and get prizes for their efforts.

The start is Mark Foy, so that means the fastest boat (Rambler) starts last like 1hr 40 mins after the first start of a slow boat of similar size to Rambler.

Even the wonderful J class was racing against the most modern 160 footers here. The course is just outside Newport Harbour and there were 25 big boats entered. I was Ramblers guest and had a great time.

Summer in this part of the world is drawing to a close quickly as all the boats and moorings have to pulled out of the water in about 6 weeks time for the winter.

There is a huge industry on this whole East coast of USA to winterize the boats and the moorings and then get them all back in the water for a 4 or 5-month summer of sailing and boating fun.


Linda Gilbert - Sep 2, 2012

Hi Penny!
Love your Blog!
You missed the 45's America's Cup World Series in San Francisco. Very exciting for the West Coast sailing fans! Great TV you were right there with the boys!
Linda :-)

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