Cape Negro

Aug 17, 2012

Cape Negro

Cape Negro Island,

After three weeks of great weather and 1000 nautical miles of sailing we are heading back around cape Sable and the Bay of Fundy back to Maine USA.

Would you believe it but the last three harbours we stayed in for the night on the southern Nova Scotia coast, we never saw as them at all because of the fog, wow it was amazing to go into a habour not see the shore at all and leave the harbour still not seeing the shore, but knowing we were anchored in a nice bay.

Our Departure was at 4am from Cape Negro Island to catch the huge tides in the Bay of Fundy for our 180 Nm sail back to USA. The fog was just so thick, as it has been for the past three days. Thank goodness for Radar overlaid on the chart when getting out of these anchorages in the dark and fog.

When we arrived at Cape Negro Island the patience crew came across for happy hour and we raced the model yachts in the fog, huge fun, setting the marks near Waianiwa so that we could see them


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