Halifax harbour

Aug 17, 2012

Halifax harbour

Halifax Harbour

Auckland waterfront could sure take a leaf out of the redevelopment of this great port.

Halifax exists because of its harbour; it’s a natural deep sheltered ice-free body of water that is the 2nd largest anchorage in the world. For most of the 19th century all you could see in the harbour was a forest of masts and spars tied up along the 100s or wharfs in the harbour.

Halifax was also the closest port to the Titanic when it sank in he Atlantic. They have huge marine traffic management for all craft movements within the harbour.

These days the city and private development have transformed miles of waterfront access for people to walk enjoy, eat and be entertained. There is lots of car parking all along the piers and it is a place for all to enjoy, being close to the waters edge. Wellington in NZ is also doing a fine job of opening up the waterfront to the public and visitors.

Halifax spent 260 Million to do it but the whole face of Halifax has changed with office buildings and retail shops everywhere all doing well all along the foreshore. Lots of people day and night enjoy the area.


Barry Cook - Aug 18, 2012

Your play by play was so vivid it felt like I was there with you.

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