Fishing and Pots

Aug 12, 2012

Fishing and Pots


I have been surprised as to how controlled the fishing is in Nova Scotia with almost none allowed at all at the moment, due to huge overfishing and no previous controls. Each bay we go into has lots of fishing boats all tied to the docks. The huge stacks of lobster pots on the docks as they have a tiny window when they are allowed to harvest here.

The coast and grand banks were home to Cod that have almost been wiped out completely. Bass, herring and mackerel were in huge supply 200 years ago.

One of the foods that sustained these areas for 100s of years is the oyster and shells can be piled up 4 feet around the coastline of used shells. We found some in the Bas’d or lakes from an oysterman but the natural stock in most bays had been wiped out two years ago. You could go ashore to the muddy marshes and collect a bucket of oysters no problem at all.


Lana Simpson - Aug 14, 2012

Oh to have a lobster from Nova Scotia right now. Sounds fantastic over there Pen.

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