Cabot Trail

Aug 7, 2012

Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail.

Driving a Cabot Trail was a real treat, it has to be one of the most scenic roads to drive. The Cape Breton Highlands rise out of the sea with steep slopes and magnificent rocks and forms.

The Cabot trail road and many walkways allow visitors to walk in the bush or bike the trails and view the amazing scenery while driving the coastal route. There is evidence that some of the hills stood above the glaciers during the repeated ice ages.

Moose are well established in the natural park, as are Bald headed Eagles. A week cruising in the Bras’d Or lakes with quite a few cruising yachts in the many bays we very rarely had to share an anchorage. The water is warm for swimming and great for exploring.


Noelle MacLean - Aug 11, 2012

Penny, it was a pleasure to read about your adventures on Cape Breton Island! So glad to hear you enjoyed your visit.


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