Aug 4, 2012


Bras d’Or lakes at Cape Breton Island.

Sailing from Halifax to Cape Breton Island was a real treat of great night anchorages and huge bays filled with islands. Lots of Spruce tress down to the water and great inlets to be explored in the dinghy while having a cocktail. Most evenings we see the Bald Eagle and enjoy watching them at the top of the trees, they mate for life and are very territorial and have nests high in the trees back from the waters edge and just tree top fly during the day.

Our approach to the lock to get into the Bras d’ Or lakes was fun with a very small difference in water height to get into these brackish lakes. They are about 60 NM long and that is the distance of Auckland to Whangarei, and there are just so many arms and great bays to explore.

During my whole summer boating we have seen very few boats, but get into these lakes and there are so many big yachts enjoying the cruising and boating in these wonderful waters. We explore a different area each day and continue to see Bald eagles and Moose.

The days are warm and no fog at the moment, however the mosquito’s tend to get the better of us in the evenings.


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