Nova Scotia thoughts

Jul 29, 2012

Nova Scotia thoughts

Nova Scotia impressions.

After a 200 NM sail from Maine to the bottom of Nova Scotia I was amazed that we did not encounter any fog or bad weather on the crossing. It was lumpy but Waianiwa is the perfect Yacht to sail through a chop. Being a pilothouse most things are controlled inside the yacht but trimming and hoisting sails. We decided to have a three day cruise to Halifax and encountered some magic cruising areas. Mostly the water is really clear, a bit like Stewart Island in NZ.

Our first stop was Port Mounton, for a dinghy trip and with a 40 hp that’s a breeze. We decided to spend the night at Herring cove.

What is so wonderful about this place is the barren rocks all over the place with huge cracks and grains in the rock, homes are perched out on the rock and the land is very flat.

Moving North to Lunenburg was a treasure trove of islands and things to see in this remote part of Nova Scotia. I saw a fin back whale, lots of seals, big seagulls and then three gannets.

Lunenburg was the hub of fishing and to my amazement all the foreshore buildings are red with white trim and the house on the hills behind a Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Aqua and it’s a rainbow town.


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