5 islands Maine

Jul 23, 2012

5 islands Maine

Five islands Cruising.

Our last weekend cruising in Maine for a few weeks, this weekend we went to Booth bay and a wonderful cruising ground called 5 islands. The Sheepscot River runs up to Wiscasset and moving Waianiwa through massive tidal currants. The wee small passages between islands are called Tickles and some are really tight.

We have had moderate warm winds for three weeks up here in Maine here, blowing between 15 and 20knots calm in the mornings and a great reaching sailing breeze for the day. The water temperature is cool to cold, as Chris will tell you, as most days he has to dive on our propeller to cut another lobster pot free. The shaft has a huge cutter fitted to assist with the chopping of the line and we only seem to catch them a slow revs.

Tuesday Chris and I set sail for Halifax recounting 5-knot tides as we go around the bottom of Nova Scotia after crossing the Bay of Fundy. It is important to plan the tides in these waters, as Halifax is 44 degrees North and 63 degrees west.

Our first day out will need to be a 200NM sail hopefully reaching.

Watch out Puffins I am heading north to take your picture. They have a huge orange beak and orange webbed feet.


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