Rambler and Bermuda race

Jun 17, 2012

Rambler and Bermuda race

 Rambler and Bermuda Race 

What a lucky girl to get out on Rambler testing some sails before the Bermuda race start .

Rambler is 100 ft racing yacht that my son Carl and lot of Kiwis race on. She is water ballasted and we had 6 ton of water aboard sailing in 18 knots of wind in Newport Harbour. When we changed tack they can transfer the water from one side to the other in 10sec, huge noises come from below while doing the water transfer.

I was fortunate to steer Rambler a lot during the sailing and testing of sails for the Bermuda race, as they were light on crew normally 22 but we only had 12, the best job for me was to steer.

Such power and speed and quick acceleration, it was just amazing to sail up wind and down wind. The gear is strong and light and lots of rope connections and hardly any shackles holding the big gear together.

The big boats start is at 3pm and the smaller boats getting away at 12 so with 161 entries in the race in 17 Divisions and lots of spectator boats Newport harbour was really busy.

Bermuda is 635 NM race and the Gulf Stream is about 150 to 200 NM offshore. With 20 knots at the start and reaching sails on the fleet raced off to the gulf stream, so the first night would have been cold and then it would get warm really quickly.

Rambler got a good start in her division and they are out to set a race record.


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