Penny's first Blog May 2012

May 30, 2012

Penny's first Blog May 2012

Leaving Auckland on 1st May to fly direct to Newport Rhode Island and be picked up by my friend Chis Bouzaid to help with the sailing season here on their 60 foot Yacht Waianiwa, that was built in NZ in 1985.

Our first stop was to drive to Connecticut to get the yacht out of winter storage.  All the boats in Newport are either taken out of the water and shrink wrapped, no matter how big they are or taken south, because of the ice.

Waianiwa was in Potts point Marina in the water, so with much cleaning and de winterizing we sailed her North the Newport where we had 5 days to get her ship shape for the opening of the New York Yacht club.  By Saturday she was shining from top to bottom the code flags were hoisted and all the commodores from the East Coast Yacht clubs marched on to the lawn of NYC to salute to the raising of the NYC  club pennant.

As all the moorings get taken out of the winter because of ice, they are all relaid for the summer.  When we arrived in the harbour only two other boats were there, and in a week the harbour was half full and that is a lot of boats all hitting the water the same week, or arriving back from the Carribean for the summer sailing.

We then set sail for Maine 220 Nauticle Miles ( NM), we planned to arrive at the Cape Cod Canal with the tide.   The trip through this huge canal is 9 NM and at times we were doing 12.1 knots, getting spat out the other side into great sun shine and the wind aft we poled out the headsail and sailed at 9 knots towards Gloucester where perfect storm was filmed, some years ago.

A good night on a mooring and visiting the many cafe's ashore at this quaint fishing town, with 100s of lobster fishermen waiting to lay their traps.

Early morning start to sail around Cape Anne and120 NM  to Cushing Maine, more good sailing with the wind  in the correct direction and still no fog and that is really rare. 

I was able to make date scones and drink good Nespresso coffee aboard during the sail.

On arrival we put the yacht on the mooring outside the house and moved ashore for two weeks.

Lydia Bouzaid has a store called Maine Country Home and we had lots of fun at a furniture Auction purchasing pieces to re furbish and put in her store, what fun and very creative, I am just loving it.

The good news is all the lobster are walking into the cove and soon 1000s of pots will be all over the place and that makes maneuvering the big boat a bit tricky but fun.

Back to painting furniture and bits for the store, and more sailing adventures at the weekend. 


Gilli - May 31, 2012

Hi Pen good to read your adventures. Keep it up please x

Kathy Manson - Jun 1, 2012

hey Pen
nice blog page...:D....really enjoyed reading about my home area....Cape Cod and the canal, Maine, Lobsters, Icey winters, which they can keep all to themselves, and antique shopping. I loved it all....good luck, stay safe, and hope to see you up there. Kathy

Kevin Dibley - Jun 7, 2012

What a great adventure. Pass on my best to Chris and Lydia :)
Newport-Bermuda Race hype must be building. Enjoy!

barbara callahan - Jun 27, 2012

Oh, Pen....just finding and reading your blog for the first time. Love it~! I'm sailing vicariously ....smelling that wonderful sea breeze. And that's just with your first post. On to the next ones~!

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