Penny Whiting Sailing School

The Penny Whiting Sailing School is no longer taking bookings

After 52 years, Penny has decided to retire from the daily sailing school and is no longer taking bookings. 

Penny has had the pleasure of putting 33,000 people through the 15 hour course over the last 52 years.

Once sailing has enlightened you about the environment and the sea its really hard to give up.  I know the huge amount of pleasure the practical sailing courses have given so many over the years.  The great thing about sailing Endless Summer the Whiting 47 foot yacht I used for the classes,  is that she is heavy and built very strong, and able to get out in almost every condition that the waitemata harbour dished out.  When students made a commitment to the dates for their 15 hour course we sailed in everything and Auckland gave us a really great variety of conditions.   I loved it as did the crew.

Students wanted to crew for partners, race or go offshore cruising, all of these elements were part of learning to sail with safety and confidence aboard Endless Summer.  I still firmly believe for a beginner to learn on a large yacht is so much safer and easier than on a small yacht as things can be explained and you can easily see what has happened and get a much better understanding of the yachts rigging and sails.

With the ratio of adults students  60%  were women and 40% male from all over the world we sure made a mark on the sailing scene in Auckland. 

I have my DVD available to download or you can purchase it from me, as its hands on 80 mins of learning to sail.

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Enjoy an afternoon out on the Waitemata Harbour with one of New Zealand’s most experienced and well-respected sailors, Penny Whiting, MBE.

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“Of all the training courses I’ve ever done - across work, flying, sports - I have to say this is the best one I’ve ever done. Penny’s teaching style is the perfect balance between patience, humour and passing on her clearly vast experience; as a complete sailing newcomer I felt at ease from the first lesson. It’s down to earth and most importantly great fun, can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Mark Zee